What Pixel Size do I need in my LED Video Wall?2023-09-01T19:10:14+00:00

Pixel size is how far the pixels (lamps) are to one another. The smaller the number, the better the picture. Gracefully speaking, your first seats should be 5 ft away for every 1mm.

What is Refresh Rate?2023-09-01T19:12:48+00:00

The refresh rate of an LED Video Wall is the number of times in a second that the LED screen hardware draws the data. All of our screens at Video Walls 4 Less are of the best quality, and all look the same to the naked eye. However, if your screen is used as a backdrop and being recorder for video, you may see some discrepancies on camera. You can curb that drastically by going to a higher refresh rate like our Sapphire Series – 3800hz.

Can I “Plug and Play” or do I need any other equipment?2023-09-01T19:13:08+00:00

Our packages comes with everything you need to “Plug and Play” your video screen to your current computer or video equipment. Your Video Wall acts like an external screen to your computer setup via HDMI or other connection. Your video processor and video controller (included in your package) allow you to do this and play several different media inputs, so that no extra equipment is required.

How do I install my LED video wall?2023-09-01T19:21:48+00:00

Many clients have enough manpower to install the video wall themselves with our Free Training and Guidance. We also have other options like having our Project Manager go onsite to guide and train your team through their install for a nominal fee and travel expenses. Or, if you wish for us to do a full install, we can assist with that at a nominal fee and travel expense

How long does it take to deliver?2023-09-01T19:21:44+00:00

With our wharehouse in CA, we can facilitate a deliver anywhere in the U.S. in less that 7 days. Due to Covid-19 our current lead time is 45 days depending on shipping method and location, if If we are out of stock,.

What’s the warranty on the Video panels?2023-09-01T19:21:40+00:00

We offer a 2 year warranty on our products. This means any replacement parts will be repaired or replaced for free during this period. After the 2 year period, we will continue to repair or replace parts at cost (most repairs are only $25-$50). You video panels are easy to repair with most repairs taking no more that 15 minutes. Also be assured, you willnever have a down time because you will be supplied with spare parts in your package. We understand churches cannot afford a down day. The lifetime for you video wall in church use should go beyond 10 years looking new.

How do I service my screen?2023-09-01T19:21:35+00:00

Unlike a projector you do not need to replace any bulbs in your screen periodically. You can make most repairs to your screen with a simple screwdriver in 15 minutes or less. There is no maintenance to your screen. The lifetime for you video wall in churchuse should go beyond 10 years looking new.

What kind of power is required for my screen?2023-09-01T19:21:32+00:00

Standard 110 volt power will power our displays. How much power is completely dependent on the size and NIT rating of your screen. Example our “Opener“ Packages uses 2 (110 volt) outlets, “Basic” 3 (110 volt) outlets, “Pro” 4 (110 volt) outlets. We will help you with exact specs upon order.

Can I add to my screen size later?2023-09-01T19:21:28+00:00

Though you may buy the same make and model, as with all electronics it is important you use panels and modules from the same batch as yours. In electronics, components change all the time, so to keep your screen looking perfect all the time, we strongly recommend that you buy the biggest “Video Wall” you want now. You can always add columns and decorative panels after, but you cannot add to the “Video Wall” later.

Is there financing available?2023-09-01T19:21:24+00:00

We have a great 3rd Party Finance company. They have a heart to work with companies and have favorable terms. Upon quote request, ask for more details and app so we can better serve you.

Do you have a buy back program?2023-09-01T19:21:20+00:00

Yes, we are always interested in buying back Video Walls if you would like to upgrade. This also provides a great opportunity for us to help non profit organizations.

Do you have referrals?2023-09-01T19:21:18+00:00

Absolutely, we have many satisfied clients who would love to share their experience by request.

Why are your prices so low?2023-09-01T19:21:14+00:00

We do not look at doubling or tripling our profits as the industry standard. But make no mistake, our specs and quality go head-to-head with any major brand.

Shipping and Returns2023-09-01T19:21:11+00:00

Your order is processed the same day as funds received. For “In Stock” items, they typically ship next day and arrive within 7 day in the U.S. and “Out of Stock” or “Custom Orders” typically arrive in 15-50 days based upon shipping method and location. There are no refunds on the Video Panels, but our team will work diligently to accommodate you for any adjustments you may need.

Store Policy2023-09-01T19:21:06+00:00

All purchases are subject to shipping cost and installation method.

Method of Payment2023-09-01T19:21:03+00:00

We have several Methods of Payment: wire, check, credit card, or our financing partner. Wire is the most expedient to get your order in promptly. Credit card payments are due a 3.5% fee.


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